Why your e-commerce site should have a blog

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Every B2B professional wants a web shop that keeps expanding. Have you ever thought about blogging to boost your web shop? According to Oberlo, a software company specialized in B2B e-commerce, 86% of content marketers use blog posts as part of their marketing strategy. 70% of them even created a blog to increase traffic to their website or e-commerce site.  

A blog is not only  useful to explain your business and products, it can also bring you many new visitors. In this article, we discuss several good reasons to start today and reveal the power of blogging.   

Become an expert 

You know everything about the products and services you sell. Show it to your audience! By sharing helpful blog posts on your website, you can keep readers up to date with the latest trends, your expertise and the developments in your industry. This way, you develop an expert status and generate more traffic to your website. 

Sharing blogs builds trust because readers see that you are an expert, and valuable content is also more likely to be shared with others. Within each business, there are plenty of informative blog topics you can write about. Do you have an idea? Get to know the subject and find a valuable approach.  

Increase your visibility 

By writing and publishing blog posts, you are constantly creating new content. When you add an article to your e-commerce website, this has not only advantages for your visitors but also for SEO. 

Qualitative, original content improves your findability for search engines like Google. The fact that the posts are on your web shop means that they contribute to the findability of your entire website. 

Personal interaction 

Compared to other content on your website, a blog post is often written in a more informal tone. This allows you to build a personal relationship with your visitors more quickly, without losing any professionalism.  

Share new blogs on your business’ social media channels and start a conversation by asking a question. This allows you to engage with your community and find out what's on their minds. 

Extra marketing tool  

A blog can be perfectly combined with social media. Each time you post an article, you can share it on different platforms with an adapted caption. You can also add a direct link to your website or web shop.   

It can be quite a challenge to keep up with all the social media evolutions, but with a blog you already have a solid basis for your online marketing strategy.   

Highlight products 

You can only add a limited amount of text on a product page. Sometimes this isn’t enough to describe products in detail. If more information is necessary, you can highlight it in a blog post, which also offers more opportunities. For example, you can add videos and images of the product, a manual or instructions can also be very useful. And don’t forget to link back to the page where the item can be ordered.   

Some web shops even choose to let customers respond to their blog. This gives you the opportunity to directly receive feedback on certain products. 


Nowadays, there are many advantages for companies who decide to start a blog. The power of blogging is still very underrated. Your published articles can inform people for years and push them towards a conversion. It’s a valuable marketing tool with great accessibility.

Your competitors are doing it, so why aren’t you? Have a brainstorm with your colleagues and get the most out of your blog posts. Do you still have questions about blogging or can you use some help? Do not hesitate to contact us